Things to do at Bonn

This is what I did, but you can obviously do different stuff!

1. Look for the nearest entry to the Rhine riverside. The river flows south to north across the western side of the city. On the north is the old Bonn town. I wish we had riversides with entries like these!
2. At the southern end of the Rhine riverwalk, you reach the UN Campus. The DHL headquarters and the Mariott Hotel are other nearby landmarks.
3. Bonn is also the birthplace of Beethoven. This is NOT a picture of Beethoven Haus! That was undergoing renovations in time for next year 2020- 250th anniversary of his birth. For Beethoven fans, there should be lots to do, including concerts
4. If you are there on the first Saturday of May, try and catch the Rhine in Flames. I spectacularly missed the 2019 flames because I was leaving on the same day. Unforgivable! Catch the one for 2020 when it should have even more fireworks, classical music and general fun. Here I did manage to catch a local band.
5. WALK! Germany has excellent and well-interconnected public transport. Tourists can buy day/multi-day tickets at stations and these can be used across buses/trains (S:bahn)/metros (U:bahn). But the roads are so picturesque, the night is a constant twilight zone and safer than most cities I have been to- I would recommend walking as much as possible!
6. Be a good tourist! When you travel in new lands, you remember the locals who were nice. Conversely if you come from a place where a lot of tourists come, you tend to remember the responsible tourists.
Be that local- Be that tourist 🙂

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