Graffiti and Dogs in Trains

Here’s another post on the interesting sights from my few days in Amsterdam/Europe.

I loved how most of the European cities have a culture of graffiti. It speaks of such an immense counter-culture and at the same time expressive state of mind of the citizens. Quite sure there are perspectives to the contrary, but I always love creative expressions.

A sample of a contrarian opinion was when I was on the boat-ride along the canal, and an American woman shook her head at all the grafitti “But can’t anything be done?! Like banning the sale of those aerosol paints?!”. Our boat-captain (I do believe his name was Christopher) could barely hide his naughty grin.

Graffiti along the train-tracks just outside Ajax stadium.
A metropolis of the future arises in one of the alleys of Berlin
a mural outside Anne Frank Zentrum. The centre is dedicated to anti-Semitism and all other sorts of discrimination. I wish I had known about this and visited the centre. However, this happened on one of my party nights :p
I love how dogs get to travel on metros/ trains, like this little old gent here. Everything is so matter-of-fact. How does a civilization reach this pinnacle of comfortable existence? Through centuries of exploitation of distant lands & people, mercantilism, colonization and capitalism, mixed with decades of warfare and a welfare state am sure. But however they have reached these states, I hope the western European countries are able to retain this liberal equilibrium for a bit longer.

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